Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Summer Spruce Up: Girl's Room Redo

In case you were wondering whether I fell off the face of the earth or not, have no fear, I am still here. This is one of the craziest times of the year for me and my family. The end of the school year has us running non-stop between school, sporting events, prepping for summer vacation and much more. And, now that we finally have nice weather, I struggle to find a balance between sewing projects and home improvement projects. I only get a few months to open the windows so I usually put everything aside to paint rooms and freshen up the house.
Last summer I had a series of Summer Spruce Up posts on this blog where I featured the transformations of both our home's exterior and our master bedroom. I also included a number of step-by-step DIY and decorating tutorials. You can find all those posts in the Project Gallery and Tutorials section.
This summer, I plan to tackle a couple smaller projects like repainting and decorating my kid's rooms and if I get a chance I'd like to do some projects in my kitchen/dining/living room. The latter is a much larger project so we'll see if I get that far. It was on my list last summer, but it was clearly an over commitment. I am going to take a more relaxed approached this year and work on them as I can, while enjoying my last summer before both my kids are in school full-time. I also still have many sewing and quilting projects I'd like to continue to work on so we'll just see how this all pans out.

I started working on my daughter's room about a week ago. I just woke up one day and said, "I'm just going to start today", and by mid-morning I already had everything out of the room. I didn't even bother to take before pictures, duh. Since buying our house, I've been painting the woodwork white as I redo each room. The orangey-colored stained oak in this house is just not working for me. Like all the other rooms, my goal for my daughter's room was to brighten and clean things up, as well as finish decorating. Here is where things started - yellowish-cream walls, stained woodwork and matching wood blinds, which apparently I had already taken down when I took these (rather crummy) photos with my phone.
I bought the paint for her room last summer, so I was crossing my fingers that I would still like it. I chose a lighter, off-white color to brighten the room up and spent several days prepping and painting the wood trim, doors and windows. I have a tutorial on how I do that here.
And, I even let my little helper assist me since this is her room.

I love to transform a room and paint can do so much to make a room look better. I had barely put down my paint brush before I started pulling off the tape to reveal the new walls and trim. I couldn't do it fast enough.
I am definitely happy with the room thus far, however, I am really excited to start decorating it with all things sweet like my little girl. I'm hoping to make some special projects for the room which I'll share as I go. Like I said, it's a busy time of year right now, so if you don't hear from me as often as you had been, I'm probably working behind the scenes or just enjoying a summer picnic at the park with my kids.


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