Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Black and White Triangle Pillows

If you follow this blog on a regular basis, you've probably seen the black an white triangle quilt I just recently made. (See the final post here). I had some leftover triangles and decided to put them to good use by making a couple pillow covers.
The centers are made from the leftover black, white and blue triangles. The outer edge border, as well as the back, is a charcoal gray and black polka dot print.
The pillow fronts are sandwiched with batting and quilted with straight lines along the diagonal and horizontal seams. There is a zipper enclosure along the bottom seam to make it easy to insert or remove the pillow insert. These decorative pillows would make a great addition to a bed or living room sofa.

Both pillow covers are available for sale in the Freshly Handmade Etsy shop.
Follow the links below for the listings.
Black & White Triangle Pillow Cover #1
Black & White Triangle Pillow Cover #2
Freshly Handmade [the shop]

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  1. great fabrics. I Isn't it fun to make something with leftovers.

  2. I do enjoy the vibrant colors in these pillows - your quilting and photography skills are awesome!

  3. Love the pop of color! Great pics too.

  4. The pillows and the quilt are perfect :)

  5. How fine of you!!!! Really awesome efforts you have shown. top kid sofas

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