Monday, February 10, 2014

Online Store Now Open

I am thrilled and relieved to finally announce the opening of my online store on Etsy. I've been meaning to open a shop for well over a year, if not two. I have excuses, but no really good ones, for why it took me so long to do it. I had everything I needed to do so but was dragging my feet for one reason or another. One of my top 5 goals this year was to "Just Do It" and opening an online store was one of them so I'm giving myself a big "high five" today!

I'm guessing that many of you know what Etsy is, but just in case there is a reader out there that doesn't, let me explain. Basically, is a website where artists from around the world can sell their handmade goods. Not only that, but there are also sellers of vintage goods and crafting supplies. Some of my favorite fabrics have come from Etsy retailers.

I'm starting out small right now and have listed some of the quilts that I've made and blogged about on this site. My goal right now was just to open those virtual doors. In the future, I'll be adding more finished items for children, women and home, as well as quilting and sewing patterns for those who want to create items themselves. I firmly believe in giving handmade gifts when you can and not everyone has the time, means or interest to make things themselves -- that is why sites like Etsy are so great.

From this blog, you can click the "Visit My Etsy Shop" button in the right hand column and it will take you right to my shop.

I still plan to continue blogging about the process of making my handmade goods as I've been doing, but now I have the opportunity to further share them with others.

I haven't forgotten about my son's quilt and if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you've seen some of my progress. I'm actually finished with the quilt and will share it with you tomorrow.

Have a great Monday!!