Thursday, January 2, 2014

Elephant Patchwork Quilt: Getting Started

The Christmas decorations are put away and I am ready to start on a new project. I've been asked to make a quilt for a young girl who likes elephants so I've been working with her mom to design something she'll like. I was pretty much given free reign to come up with the concept but she had a few criteria. She requested it include light blue and purple with dark pink elephants. Oh, and it should be girly. With a general concept in mind, I went to my stash and started pulling fabrics that I thought would work well for this quilt.
My idea was to make a simple square patchwork quilt using a variation of light blue, aqua, periwinkle and lavender fabrics for the top. And I made sure to include some fun girly prints like florals and polka dots.
I plan to applique a couple elephants in these pink fabrics down in one of the corners. I might still need to find a couple more dark pink prints to use. I'll see when I get further along.
Here is a very loose idea of where I plan to go with it. The blues and purples will be randomly pieced on the front.
This is not my typical quilt, other than I would totally use these colors for a sweet girly quilt, but I don't generally put applique on my quilts. I wanted the elephants to be a subtle element and not overpower all the prints and colors behind it. I hope it ends up as pretty as it is in my head. Stay tuned.


  1. Cute fabric selections!! I love those little elephants. Can't wait to see it finished!

  2. Oh I love the fabrics! Can't wait to see it!

  3. I think your ideas will work beautifully - your fabric choices are gorgeous and I like the idea to applique the elephants! Happy New Year!

  4. My 18 yo Grand daughter saw this on Google and asked me to make it for her for Christmas. She loves elephants and volunteers at the St. Louis Zoo. Can't wait to get started.