Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Quilt For My Son: In Progress...Again!

I owe my son an apology for abandoning his quilt for so long. I knew it had been quite awhile since I last worked on the quilt he wanted, but when I looked back into my archived posts I didn't realize it was THAT long. Apparently, I started this quilt in late April of 2013 (see post here) and last posted about the progress, which was minimal (as you can see here), in late May. For those of you who've started following or reading this blog since then, you can get the scoop on this quilt from my first two posts. But it's been awhile, so even I needed a refresher. After my last progress post, I ended up abandoning this quilt to start my Summer Spruce Up series since the weather was finally...well, not winter. I pulled out all the finished blocks and remaining bits and pieces and this is where I am at today.
You can see that he wanted it bright - Yikes! He's been patiently waiting, very patiently. And even when I told my kids they were both getting a quilt for Christmas (late), he still suggested that I make his sister's first. This kid melts my heart with his heart.

Can you tell I'm feeling guilty? I generally don't abandon projects...generally. There is that 3 yr. scarf for my dad, which I still didn't finish and if you saw my kitchen and dining room you'd see that I abandoned that painting project. Let's just call it on hold. I just can't stand having multiple unfinished projects around. What do people call them, UFOs? It's such a pain to have things laying around and I always have to figure out where I left off. Plus, when I'm in the groove, I just have to finish.

I'm curious, are you a "get it done" person or more of a "start and start something else" person? If you're the latter, how many projects do you work on at a time? What's the longest you've let a project sit before completing or abandoning it?


  1. Your son's quilt is going to be fantastic! I just went back to check out the last posts and i love the pluses in the solid with print backgrounds!
    And as for starting projects, then starting more... i'm not only the founder of the serial startitis club for quilters, i'm also a member! ;)

  2. I get about half way through the quilting process, and my mind already moves on to the next project. I get ideas and can't wait to get started... Hence the unfinished pile. I am sure your son's quilt is going to be amazing, and I am sure he will love it!!