Monday, November 11, 2013

Dad's Quilt: Getting Started

Holiday gift making has started around here. Last year, I decided to make almost everyone in my family a handmade gift which turned out fine in the end, but I got a late start and was literally sewing all night Christmas Eve to get things done. Some people didn't get their gifts until after the holidays. While I am sure they didn't mind, I decided to take it easier on myself this year and just concentrate on a couple handmade gifts. I knew I wanted to make my dad a quilt since I made the flying geese quilt for my mom last year. I also felt I owed him a pretty nice gift this year since the scarf I was making him last year never got finished. Who knows, maybe he'll get both this year since I'm trying to allow more time for myself. Fabric shopping for a masculine quilt is not something I do often, nor do I find there to be a wide selection of prints specific to males so I stuck to neutral colors and prints.
Most are in the tan, beige, cream, mustard range but I added in small amounts of olive, rust, cranberry and brown. This palette just seemed like my dad, classic and earthy.

I chose four different neutral colored solids and planned to pair each print with a solid.
I knew I wanted a traditional design for the quilt so I am sticking with one of my favorite blocks, the half square triangle (HST). Yes, again. When I created my mock up, I realized I had to make 480 HSTs - Yikes! The good thing is, I was invited to a weekend crafting retreat by Ann at Carrying Sunshine, which allowed me hours of continuous sewing. Well, in between the laughter and getting to know so many new and talented woman. Before leaving for the retreat, I cut out all the squares...
...and was able to come home with all 480 trimmed HSTs. It probably would have taken me a week to get that all done at home.
I'm really excited to be at this stage, where now I can start auditioning the blocks on my design wall and figuring out how I want it all to be arranged. But first, I have some unpacking to do -- ugh.

Happy Monday!


  1. Nice colour choices! I look forward to seeing the finished article and no doubt your father will appreciate it immensely!

  2. Hi Stacy,

    I am trying to recreate this quilt for my dad's king size bed. I love your pattern and color choices. Do you remember where you got your materials?

    Sarah Jordan