Tuesday, October 1, 2013

DIY Rustic Wooden Box Tutorial

I'm celebrating the first day of October by showing you how you can create your own rustic wooden box, perfect for fall decorating.


  • Unfinished wooden box - usually found at your local craft store
  • Acrylic craft paint in the color of your choice
  • Glazing medium
  • Brown antiquing gel
  • Foam and bristle brush
  • Paper towel or cotton rags
  • Hammer
  • Scissors
  • Paint can opener (optional)
  • Fine grit sand paper


Here is the unfinished wooden box as you would by it from the store.
STEP 1:  Gather your hammer, scissors and paint can opener.
STEP 2:  Beat up the box. With the face of the hammer, lightly pound the edges enough to indent the wood. Most boxes like this are made from a soft wood so it doesn't take a lot of effort to do so.
With the claw of the hammer, you can make indentations on the face of the box.
Open up your scissors and scrape the face of the box in all directions.
With the paint can opener, scrape the face of the box and the edges of the slats. There is no right or wrong way of doing this step so feel free to use whatever tools you have around the house to beat up your box.
STEP 3:  Mix your paint with the glazing medium to thin it out. You don't want your paint to have full coverage, but more of a "wash" thickness. Here I used acrylic paint in a gray/green color mixed with an antique effect medium, but a regular glazing medium is going to give you similar results.
STEP 4:  Brush this mixture over the entire box and let it completely dry. You don't need to be neat, but try to avoid leaving paint drips. You also don't need to get the paint in the holes or grooves you created with the tools, as you'll fill those later.
STEP 5:  Mix brown antiquing gel with glazing medium to thin the gel.
STEP 6:  Apply a light coat of glaze over the box with a bristle brush, making sure to work the glaze into the holes and grooves you made with the tools. Work in small areas at a time.
STEP 7:  Wipe off the excess gel with a paper towel or cotton rag. You can repeat steps 6 and 7 if you want a darker result. Let the gel dry completely.
STEP 8:  Lightly sand the corners and edges of the slats and box to reveal the unfinished wood below. You can also lightly sand the face of the sides and ends as you see fit.

That's it! How cool, right? Here is a look at the before and after.
You can use your box for so many things, but I love how it looks holding my beautiful fall mum.
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Now go make one of your own and let me know how it goes.


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