Friday, October 11, 2013

A Little Blog Make Over and Some Updates

Happy Friday All! I wish I was sharing with you a new sewing or DIY project but today I just wanted to show you a few updates to this blog that I've been working on. Besides a mini cosmetic make over, I've FINALLY updated the Project Gallery and Tutorials pages. I know it's been over six months. What is wrong with me? So much has happened on this blog since then and I want to make it easy for anyone to search for past projects. Head on over to these pages by clicking the links at the top and check out the updates.
I hate to admit it, but things were looking pretty sloppy so I am happy to have projects categorized and the pages more cleanly formatted.
Now that I've got this set up better, it will be easier for me to keep it updated. Plus, I have plans for additional content. This site will forever be a work in progress but it feels good to have at least taken the steps to get it to this point. Is it time to sew now?

Have a wonderful weekend!

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