Friday, September 27, 2013

Drawstring Swim Bag

A few weeks ago my kids started swimming lessons again after taking the summer off. My son is now of the age where he can get himself showered and ready on his own before and after lessons. My husband would say he was old enough a long time ago, but this mama has a hard time handing control over to someone else. Anyway, he needed his own bag for towels, toiletries and clothes after the cheap nylon bag given to him as a free participation prize for a race he was in ripped out after two uses. So, I got to work designing a bag that would suit his needs.
First, it needed to be bigger since the last one was busting at the seams so I made this one 15" x 19" which will fit everything he needs and isn't overwhelming his body. The exterior is constructed of a heavy weight cotton duck on the bottom and a patterned cotton duck on top that my son chose.
The inside of the bag is fully lined with nylon which is nice for resisting water coming from wet towels and his swim suit.
There is a nice, big pocket on the front for toiletries, which is also fully lined with nylon.
One of the best little features is the addition of the D-ring on the exterior so he can hook his goggles to the bag with a biner clip. No more digging to the bottom of the bag or asking, "Mom, where are my goggles?" What would they do without us?

I'm looking forward to a nice weekend. I've been sick the past week so there is a lot to catch up on, but I'm still hoping to squeeze in a few small sewing and decorating projects.

Happy Friday!
P.S. I've linked up to Amanda Jean for Finish It Up Friday.


  1. That is a pretty great bag! Nice work.

  2. You've put some great thought into what is really needed for this bag - it turned out great!

  3. Looks great! Do you have a pattern?

  4. Looks great! Do you have a pattern?

  5. Would you happen to have a pattern? I love this bag!

  6. Great bag do you have pattern? Can email me dedaunku@Gmail.Com

  7. Is this pattern available to purchase?