Thursday, August 8, 2013

SSU Master Bedroom: New Curtains Made

I've recovered from my garage sale which was a  lot of work but pretty successful. Getting started and actually finishing my new curtains for the master bedroom took longer than expected (what's new?). The curtains have a story. I found it really hard to find just the right fabric. When I started my search, I knew there were certain items and colors that were staying in the room that I wanted to coordinate with the new curtains. One being my bed quilt, which is a pattern of brown and cream. The second being the blue accent pillows. I wanted the curtains to be a lighter color, unlike the dark brown ones that were in the room. And, I wanted them to be floor to ceiling with a print, which meant I'd most likely be purchasing fabric yardage and not finding them in a store.
I tossed around a couple of of color options, but in the end decided on this French General print that brings in the brown and blue, plus some turquoise (also in the master bathroom) and gold.
If I was starting with a clean slate, I probably wouldn't have looked twice at the fabric swatch. If I had to imagine my favorite colors, believe me, this combination would not have been at the top of my list, but since I was working with what I had, it all just felt right. With that decision made, I crossed my fingers and ordered 12 yards of fabric. A bit of a splurge, but I got a good deal and I knew it was going to be a major statement piece for the room.
Wrestling with such large pieces of fabric was a bit challenging, but it all came together quite nicely.
I had a few different hanging method options, but decided that drapery hooks and hardware rings gave me the look I was going for without being too fussy.
What a difference from before. This fabric really is wonderful. The cotton/linen blend has such a beautiful drape and feels pretty luxurious.
The great thing about this print is that it brings a few more colors into the room, which will give me options when I'm accessorizing.
I do indeed, have a lot of accessorizing to do. I'll be working on a number of little projects to pull the room together now that the big items are done. I'll share them as I go. So much for wrapping this transformation up this week. Oh well, I'd rather take the time to make the right decisions the first time around. More to come soon.