Monday, August 12, 2013

SSU Master Bedroom: Adding Golden Touches

I had fun working on several small projects over the weekend to help accessorize the master bedroom. The common theme to all of them -- gold paint.
I've been using the colors from the curtains to help me bring the room together.
Small touches of gold have helped to brighten things up in the room and provide a slight touch of glam. The first project I worked on was the starburst mirror that hangs above the bed.
Remember that one of my goals for the room was to break up all the brown (see first post here). Since the side of the room where the bed is consists of mostly dark furniture, I'm making sure to change out other brown elements next to those furniture pieces. Instead of buying new accessories, I'm just going to give some of them a mini makeover. Here is the starburst mirror before.
A little gold paint begins the transformation.
Since the walls are a light cream color, I was a little concerned that the mirror would get lost if it was a solid gold color. To prevent that, I didn't coat the metal completely. This helps to keep some of the contrast from the wall color.
Next, I worked on the circle mirror that was in the room before shown below (remember the streaks?)
This mirror is now going to hang over the brown dresser, so again, too much brown in one area.
When I hung this mirror the first time, I was using painter's tape to assist me. I wasn't expecting the tape to take some of the finish off, but this is what I was left with. You can see there is a layer of gold underneath the brown so I decided since it already had a blemish I would take it one step further.
 Using fine grit sandpaper and a very light touch, I sanded the entire mirror to give it a more rustic look.
And since the mirror would be hanging over my husband's dresser, it seemed fitting.
I cleaned it up and applied a very thin coat of gold paint to finish it off. Love the results!
I had a couple frames that I wanted to add small touches of gold to. The first one was this white square frame.
Using painter's tape, I masked off the areas that I didn't want to paint.
I then added a couple coats of gold paint.
When it was dry, I removed the tape to reveal my new frame. So easy.
The second frame that I worked on took a few more steps, but still was quick and easy. I started with this wood frame engraved with a flower motif. I really like the frame as is, but considering the goal, I knew I could make it equally as nice transformed, if not better.
I used the paints below to help me achieve the look. Spray primer, spray paint, brown antiquing glaze and gold metallic paint were the only things needed.
I gave the frame a coat of primer, then a coat of spray paint when the primer was dry. I kept the coats light because I didn't want the grooves from the motif to get too filled with paint.
Using a cosmetic sponge and brown antiquing glaze, I coated the entire inside of the frame making sure to get the glaze in all the inset grooves. Then I wiped off as much as I could from the surface using a tissue.
I covered the areas I didn't want to paint gold with painter's tape.
Then I gave the rest of the frame a couple coats of the gold metallic paint.
With the tape removed, I had a brand new frame. Love it!

For my last project, I bought a couple baskets to insert into the nightstands. However, with both the baskets and the nightstands guessed it...brown, one of them had to be transformed. The cheaper option was to transform the baskets of course.
I started by spraying the outside of the baskets with the white spray paint I used for the frame.
I decided to save some money and not spray the inside of the baskets. The front of them is really all that will be seen anyway.
I figured out the measurement to create equal stripes and alternately painted them with the gold paint. I love how it looks in the nightstand cubby and how it brings out the gold color in the curtains.
So, there you have it, lots of great ways to make small, inexpensive, but dramatic transformations. 

More accessorizing coming up so stay tuned.

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