Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Losing Steam and A Little Eye Candy

I hate to say it, but I might be losing steam on this Summer Spruce Up series project. I'm not sure what it is. Perhaps, the fact that I've been practically working on house projects all summer, which seems to mean every room that is not getting a makeover is a mess. I can't stand clutter, but I've had my fair share of living in it in order to get my spruce up projects done. (Sorry, but a picture here of it would burn your eyes.) Perhaps all the decision making is wearing me down. What color should I paint this, which fabric should I use for that? While those questions aren't usually a challenge for me, I've found the master bedroom redo to be a little more challenging when it comes to all the final details -- the point which I'm at now.

Yesterday, I said that I was going to be doing some sewing and quilting for the room. Yeah, well that never happened. All that I did for the room yesterday was ponder, ponder, second-guess and ponder some more. Here is what I see, but I'm having little actual vision.
I had no energy to sew even if I could make a decision. My body was telling me I needed a day off. I took the kids to the park and played a little basketball and hide-and-seek. I had fun but when I came home, the bedroom decisions were still lurking.

 Truth is, I'm ready for this bedroom to be done and I've been hoping to have it done by the end of this week. Heck, I wanted it done by the end of two weeks ago. If you've embarked on these types of projects yourself, you know they never go as fast as you hope. I'm waking up today hoping to have renewed energy. Hopefully, the caffeine will do its part.
 I'm vowing to take it easy on myself. If I can't decide on something, I'm just not going to do it until it feels right.

I went to Joann's last night for some supplies that I might need today. On my way back to the zippers, I discovered new DS Quilt fabrics had arrived {insert happy dance}.  Look what I came home with. I think the yellow daisy print could brighten my day every day.
After another cup of coffee, I'm hoping I'll be ready to rock-n-roll. I'm moving ahead, pushing through. Here's to getting over the hump on this Wednesday. "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can".... and then into my head enters my husband's impression of Tony Little saying, "You can do it!" Oh, how scary!

P.S. The "eye candy" part of this post was definitely meant to be my new fabric, not Tony Little.

Have a great day!

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