Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Summer Spruce Up: Master Bedroom Final Reveal!

It's been four weeks since I started working on the master bedroom spruce up project. I wasn't anticipating it to take so long, but when I look back at everything I did, I guess I can understand the timeline. This project has been tiring, but is now so rewarding. The once very dark, very brown room feels brighter and more put together. You can read about all the changes I wanted to make and why in the original master bedroom post here. Today, I am just excited to reveal the results. First, I'll show you before and after comparisons of the room and then I'll share some of the details.

Here is a rundown of all the projects:
  1. Had recessed lighting installed. See post here.
  2. Painted trim, doors and windows white. See post here and tutorial here.
  3. Installed new window blinds. See post here.
  4. Purchased and built new dresser and bookshelf unit. See post here.
  5. Made new curtains. See post here and tutorial here
  6. Added golden touches to several accessories. See post here.
  7. Painted the lampshades, created stylish storage boxes for my husband's stuff and made unique picture frame mats with decorative paper. See the post and tutorials here.
  8. Made a new decorative pillow for the bed and table runner for the dresser. See post here.
Well, those are just the projects that I posted about, but there were lots of other projects I worked on and items that I added to the room. Here are some of the finer details in no particular order.

I bought new lamps for the nightstands. Before, the lamps were boring and brown so I changed them out for something lighter and more stylish. Here see the baskets that I transformed and added to the nightstands for storage. See post here.
I made a new decorative pillow (original post here) for the bed, as well as made new shams. Before they were almost a solid brown and now they are the same fabric as the quilt.
The starburst mirror was transformed from bronze to a rustic gold. Original post here.
I also transformed the circle mirror from a flat brown to a more interesting, rustic gold. See post here.
This dresser was lost on the long wall, but now has been moved and fits perfectly along this shorter wall. 
I created some paper boxes for my husband's small items using a little Modge Podge and scrapbook paper. See post and tutorial here.
I added two small shelves to each side of the large window and added a number of personal touches through artwork and photos. Here I display the mats I created using scrapbook paper (post and tutorial here). Plus, I just have to add that I am pretty proud of myself for getting photos in all the frames. I once was notorious for displaying frames without photos but I'm turning over a new leaf.
I made a new quilted table runner for the dresser top. Details here.
I added a variety of different accessories to the bookshelves, including the painted frame I created. See post and tutorial here.
The space above the dresser and TV seemed a bit bare until I added these decorative gold mirrors.

That's about it. Overall, I am thrilled with the results. I am even more thrilled to be done with this project. My Summer Spruce Up series ended up highlighting only two of the four projects that I wanted to accomplish this summer. Time just ran out. School starts in a week and a half so I have a lot of cleaning and organizing to do. I am still going to work on my other spruce up projects, they just might be during fall-time. 

Thanks for following along with the transformations to the exterior front and the master bedroom. I hope you were able to learn a new crafting technique or found inspiration for your own home.

Friday, August 16, 2013

SSU Master Bedroom: New Quilted Pillow and Table Runner

It seems the pep talk I gave myself on Wednesday worked and I was able to turn things around energy-wise. I forged ahead with my two quilting projects for the master bedroom spruce up and I am happy to share them with you today.

First is the decorative pillow cover made for the bed. Previously, I just had a solid off-white colored pillow in front (see before post here), which was nice, but all the other decorative pillows were solid too so I wanted to break it up and add some prints and other colors.
To make the pillow, I chose a white Kona cotton and paired that with four prints from my stash, along with a piece from the new bedroom curtains and a piece from the bed quilt. Quick story about the bed quilt -- When we first moved into the house, I couldn't find  affordable bedding that I liked so when I found a King size sheet set on clearance from Target in a print I liked, I scooped it up. The quilt is whole cloth backed with a solid brown. I have quite a bit of leftover so I was able to incorporate it other places, including the back of this pillow. I quilted the pillow using 1/2" straight stitching, added some brown piping along the edge and filled it with a 12 x 24 down insert.
I also made a table runner for the new dresser top to sit underneath the TV and the lamps. Since I painted the dresser top, I wanted to provide a little bit of protection to the surface. I wanted you to be able to see the whole thing the first time around so I photographed it in my dining room instead of the bedroom for right now.
Using the same fabrics as the pillow, along with a few others from my stash, I pieced a border around Essex cotton linen.
I quilted it using organic straight stitching. It was kind of nice to free myself from the marking pen and perfect lines. I also was able to practice more on machine quilting the binding. This time around I used 2.25" binding instead of 2.5", which worked out better. I use this method for items where you'll probably never see the back, but for quilts, I'm still a hand-stitched binding kind of girl. The table runner measures 16" x 60".
I'm taking a break today to have a do-whatever-the-kids-want-to-do day. I'll be finishing up the master bedroom over the weekend and will have the final reveal for you early next week.

Have a great weekend!
P.S. I am linked up to Amanda Jean for Finish It Up Friday.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Losing Steam and A Little Eye Candy

I hate to say it, but I might be losing steam on this Summer Spruce Up series project. I'm not sure what it is. Perhaps, the fact that I've been practically working on house projects all summer, which seems to mean every room that is not getting a makeover is a mess. I can't stand clutter, but I've had my fair share of living in it in order to get my spruce up projects done. (Sorry, but a picture here of it would burn your eyes.) Perhaps all the decision making is wearing me down. What color should I paint this, which fabric should I use for that? While those questions aren't usually a challenge for me, I've found the master bedroom redo to be a little more challenging when it comes to all the final details -- the point which I'm at now.

Yesterday, I said that I was going to be doing some sewing and quilting for the room. Yeah, well that never happened. All that I did for the room yesterday was ponder, ponder, second-guess and ponder some more. Here is what I see, but I'm having little actual vision.
I had no energy to sew even if I could make a decision. My body was telling me I needed a day off. I took the kids to the park and played a little basketball and hide-and-seek. I had fun but when I came home, the bedroom decisions were still lurking.

 Truth is, I'm ready for this bedroom to be done and I've been hoping to have it done by the end of this week. Heck, I wanted it done by the end of two weeks ago. If you've embarked on these types of projects yourself, you know they never go as fast as you hope. I'm waking up today hoping to have renewed energy. Hopefully, the caffeine will do its part.
 I'm vowing to take it easy on myself. If I can't decide on something, I'm just not going to do it until it feels right.

I went to Joann's last night for some supplies that I might need today. On my way back to the zippers, I discovered new DS Quilt fabrics had arrived {insert happy dance}.  Look what I came home with. I think the yellow daisy print could brighten my day every day.
After another cup of coffee, I'm hoping I'll be ready to rock-n-roll. I'm moving ahead, pushing through. Here's to getting over the hump on this Wednesday. "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can".... and then into my head enters my husband's impression of Tony Little saying, "You can do it!" Oh, how scary!

P.S. The "eye candy" part of this post was definitely meant to be my new fabric, not Tony Little.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

SSU Master Bedroom: Paper and Painted Accessories

Today I am sharing a few ways you can create unique and inexpensive accessories with just a little paint and paper. I made these items for the master bedroom spruce up project, but you could create these for any space.

The dresser and bookshelf unit that we added to the room needed some lamps, so I stole a pair from my living room.
The shades, however, were not going to work in the bedroom. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on new shades since I was just looking for something simple. I found a pair of white linen lampshades on sale (BOGO!) and decided to add a little paint to get the simplistic look I wanted.
I used a measuring tool and a pencil to mark 1/2" around the entire top and bottom of the shade.
Then I just used some craft paint and a brush to fill in the lines.
Simple as that! You can achieve the same look with ribbon but it is more tricky to get the ribbon to lay flat with a tapered shade like this one. That is why I chose the paint route. If I had a perfectly straight drum shade, I probably would have opted for ribbon.
Another way to create unique accessories for your room is with decorative paper. Scrapbook paper and good quality wrapping paper come in so many different designs that it makes it easy to create something one of a kind. Here, I am using scrapbook paper to dress up a picture frame mat.
Take the mat out of the frame and place it over the scrapbook paper. With a pencil, mark the opening.
Next, cut out the marked rectangle with either an Xacto knife or small scissors.
Using double stick tape or Modge Podge, adhere the paper to the mat. Then, add your photo and reassemble the frame. Easy!
I also used scrapbook paper to dress up some paper boxes that will sit on my husband's dresser for all of his junk -- I mean valuables.
Measure the dimensions of the top and sides of the box top.
Cut the scrapbook paper using those dimensions.
On the wrong side of the paper, mark the corners with the dimension of the box top sides. Mine was 3/4" so I made 3/4" squares at the corners.
Cut four slits in the paper as shown below.
Line up the box top in the center of the paper and fold the paper around the box top to help lines things up. Apply Modge Podge adhesive to the top of the box top and adhere it to the paper. Next, apply a small amount of adhesive to sides and fold in the flaps as shown below.
Apply more Modge Podge and adhere the paper to the side over the flaps.
Once all the sides are glued down, give the entire outer top a coat of Modge Podge to seal it. It will dry clear.
I only decorated the box tops, but you can cover the entire box by following the same steps for the bottom of the box.
I'm still working on a number of items to finish up the master bedroom. Today, I'll be working on a few small sewing and quilting projects. I'll share them when I finish.

Thanks for stopping by!