Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Summer Spruce Up: Exterior Front Final Reveal

The first project in my Summer Spruce Up series has ended in success, thankfully. While it took a little longer than I wanted it to (what project doesn't?), I am so glad that I took the time to do everything I set out to. My goal for sprucing up the exterior front was to create a clean look with more contrast and color. All of which I was able to accomplish to my liking. Here is a look at the final result.
I have to say, even I am a little surprised at the transformation. Along the way, I really challenged myself to be creative and a bit more bold than maybe I would have been in the past. You can read about my journey in the individual project posts. So, here is a rundown of the projects I tackled, and then I'll share some other fun pictures I took of the final results.
The shutters were a faded gray and I painted them almost black for a richer look.
Read the full post on the shutters here.
The wood beams were scratched up and the stain was not appealing so I painted them a clean, bright white.
Read the full post on the columns and rails here.
The whites of the door and sidelite were inconsistent so I painted the door almost black for more contrast.
Read the full post on the front door here.
The lights just weren't my style and the finish color was boring so they were replaced with more simple, yet elegant black lights.
Read the full post on the lights here.

I bought a new porch table, but wanted to add color so it was painted blue.
Read the full post on the table here.
Recycling something I already had on hand, this planter was transformed from dirty and boring to bright and cheery.
Read the full post and how-to tutorial here.
My chair fabric was dirty and faded so I made new cushions to freshen it up and add more color.
Read the full post on the chair here.
I never did an individual post on the plants or landscaping, but I did have some challenges here. For some reason, many of my shrubs were not filling in and looked dead. I am the first to admit, I am no landscaper. In fact, when it comes to plants I buy what I think looks pretty and cross my fingers that I don't kill them. I'm working on that area. Anyway, I asked my neighbor what to do and he suggested that I trim out all the dead branches since there was still growth at the base of the shrub. So that is what I did. At first I was a little sad that the shrubs that were once so large and full were now so little. But, it made a huge difference in the appearance of the house. The view really opened up to the front entry. Plus, the shrubs seem to be growing in again.
Beside the planter on the front porch, I added a few planters  by the garage. I like how it brought more of the black to that side of the house along with the lights, plus the flowers add some of my favorite colors.
I love all the color. And I can't forget the one item that started as my inspiration for this whole transformation - my welcome mat. You can read about how it was my inspiration here.
It has been nice to sit out on the front porch, read a magazine and enjoy the weather.
There are two others in our family who are also enjoying it.
It's so nice to have this project done. I really am thrilled with how everything turned out. In fact, I find myself peeking outside just to take another look.
I'll be on to the next Summer Spruce Up project soon. In July, I'm going to tackle our master bedroom. I also have a number of sewing projects in the works. More to come on all of that shortly.

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