Wednesday, July 31, 2013

SSU Master Bedroom: New Dresser and Bookshelves

#6 on my to do list for the master bedroom spruce up (see post here) was to add a new furniture piece to the long wall. Below is the before picture again. My issue here was there were too many small pieces filling the space. It looks a bit cobbled together. I wanted one big furniture unit that would fill the wall, hide the TV cords, be functional and well, not be brown.
I thought of creating custom built-ins, but knew I was not going to have the time to make that happen anytime soon. No retailer had exactly what I was looking for as one piece so the next best thing was to put together a few pieces from Ikea. We bought the Hemnes 8-drawer dresser along with two Hemnes open bookcases to flank it.
They are affordable, easy to assemble and nice looking. But, I needed to make a few alterations to them before we put them together. First, even though the dresser and the bookshelves were from the same Hemnes line, they were not all the same color white. My husband thought they were close enough, but the difference bothered me so I ended up painting the shelves to match the dresser. I'm picky like that. Second, I wanted to add a little color to the shelves so I painted the backs a soft blue.
Then there was the fact that the dresser top extended on the sides preventing the bookshelves from sitting right next to the dresser. I wanted the three pieces to look as much like one unit as possible and did not want big open gaps in between each piece. 

To fix that, I probably could have just cut down the dresser top that came with it, but I hesitated because it has a nice, hard, smooth finish and didn't want to damage that in case we ever needed to use the dresser on it's own sometime in the future. Maybe a dumb way of thinking since now I have to find a place to store this dresser top, but I didn't want to regret cutting it down the road. The alternative was to buy a sheet of MDF, cut it to the exact width of the dresser and paint it to match. I didn't like the fuzziness of the edges on the piece of MDF so I decided to adhere wood edging to give it a nicer look.
It's real wood that comes on a roll and is backed with glue. I used my old iron to adhere the edging and then gave it a light sanding to smooth everything out.
After a couple coats of primer and paint, I attached the new top to the dresser.
Now the bookshelves can sit right next to the dresser.
All together, the three pieces measure just under 9 ft. wide so it fills the space nicely. 

I still have a number of things to do for the room makeover, including sewing the curtains and accessorizing the space. I'm gearing up for my big garage sale that starts tomorrow so I'm going to have to put this project on hold for a few days. I'll have more to share next week and hopefully I can wrap things up in the master bedroom then too.

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