Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sewing My First Dress

I'm pretty much self-taught at everything and that includes sewing. Everything I have created or designed has been done simply by math, logic, creativity and research. Because of this, I've always been a bit intimidated to use a traditional paper pattern for sewing. I've seen my mom use them when I was a kid, but have never been confident that I'd be able to fully understand how to use them since I haven't had any formal sewing training. I came across an online class that taught you how to sew a dress from a pattern. The dress looked cute on the mannequin, so I thought I'd take the course to see if I could conquer my paper pattern fear.
I headed off to JoAnn to buy my supplies. I chose a good quality cotton in a blue and white floral. This one just happens to be one of my favorite prints ever. I figured if I failed at dress making I can always use the fabric for quilting which is more in my comfort zone.
Lucky for me, I can follow along with the instructor step-by-step. So far, things are going pretty smoothly. I hope the "easy" level the designer has given this pattern turns out to be true.
I hope to have the dress finished this week so I'll share the results when I'm done.

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