Thursday, June 6, 2013

End of the School Year Teacher Appreciation Gift

Today is the last day of school and I always like to do something special for the teachers who do so much for my children. This year, we made up these sweet treat boxes for each child's teacher to show our appreciation.
I started with a craft box and some crinkled paper shred. The box was $1.00 at Hobby Lobby and the shred I had on hand.
To decorate the box, I wrapped the bottom portion with a good quality, heavy weight wrapping paper.

Because the paper is so wide, I was able to get away with only one seam.
I then added a  scallop border out of card stock to finish off the top. I like simple decoration, so I could have definitely done more embellishing, but it's just not me.

I love to bake so I made some of my staples. A stack of brownies with a cute tag that says "brownie points".
And a mini loaf of banana bread. I used clear treat bags and some baker's twine for packaging.
Fill the box with the paper shred and insert the treats. I finished off the box with a couple bows and it was complete.
We also gave these super cute teacher's cards with a special note and gift card. The card template was a free download from Caravan Shoppe. I printed it on my home computer on a flecked card stock for a bit more of a natural feel.
It's a bittersweet day. The kids are getting older, but now we get to spend more time together for a few months.

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