Monday, April 29, 2013

A Quilt For My Son: Getting Started

Here is the fabric for my next quilt. This stack makes me beam inside. You see, this quilt will be for my 7 year old son, and the best part is that it was at his request. 

It was while I was quilting the Marguerite Herringbone Quilt that "T" came up and rubbed his hand along the top and loved how soft it was. "Cool fabric, mom!", he said, "Would you make me a quilt?" My reply, "OF COURSE!"

I sat him down with the Kona color card and let him pick from the 243 colors to see where his head was at in terms of color scheme.
When he told me he was done choosing and I looked at the piece of paper, he had only seven colors chosen. Then, when I looked at what they were, I was (I hate to say it) almost horrified. Good thing he didn't see the look on my face as my eyes were practically bulging out of my head.

I would have NEVER picked these colors, not together anyway. The only thing I could attribute these choices to is his love for sports teams. I am mostly a muted color-loving gal and while I do like brights, this color combination was definitely going to be a challenge for me to come up with something I felt good about. Sounds kind of selfish. 

The next day, I asked him if I could bring small amounts of other colors in the mix and he hesitantly agreed. Whew, I felt relieved. I got the stamp of approval to add six more colors. 

Looking better, but I still was at a loss. Then, I had the idea to pair each solid with a print of the same color and white or cream. I was able to pull enough from my stash to where he could choose the prints he liked. When we put it all together, not only was he on board, but I felt really good about what will come of it.

I am SO excited to make by best "little" guy and very special gift. I am still pondering the design of the quilt. I initially thought half square triangles would work great with the pairs, but I am going to do some experimenting and run it past my son before I start.

More to come soon.

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