Monday, January 28, 2013

Quilting with Flannel

In my last post, I featured the boys flannel quilt that I just finished. The photographs in that post showed the quilt before it was machine washed and dried so I thought I would share with you what it looks like now that it has been washed.

Flannel is not as common for quilts as is the typical quilting cotton, so perhaps you've been wondering about flannel's characteristics before and after being washed. Flannel is soft to the touch and has a brushed texture. You can see that after being machine washed (gentle) and dried it gets that crinkled look that most other quilts get after being washed and dried.
However, it also gets slightly pilled. This is typical, even for good quality flannel, because the surface fibers are brushed and when they are washed and dried, they are more apt to ball up together. If you were to use anything other than quilting flannel, the result would be much more pilled, which looks bad, bad! And, you run the risk of having colors bleed if don't use quilting flannel -- definitely not what you want after putting in that much time and money.

After washing, flannel quilts are still soft, cozy and very warm.

Tell me, have you made a flannel quilt before? How did you like it?

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