Sunday, January 13, 2013

Boys Flannel Quilt: Getting Started

Yesterday morning I had good intentions of staying on course. The goal was to tidy up my sewing room and put away the fabric piles from my previous sewing project. However, when doing so, I found myself rummaging through my fabric stash instead. What can I say? It's my happy place. I often look at some of the fabrics and wonder if I am ever going to get around to using them. That was the case with this quilting flannel below.
I purchased these fat quarters a few years ago on a whim thinking they'd make a soft and cute boy's baby quilt, but then didn't get around to making one. So I decided now is the time. Why? Just because. 

I was looking for this to be a quick project -- maybe have it cut and pieced in one day. I decided on basic 5" squares, all the while thinking that's kind of boring. 

I also wanted bigger pieces because I had in my head that smaller pieces would make for a stiffer quilt since it is flannel. But then I went to my local quilt shop to see what kind of flannel they had and discovered the flannel quilt on display actually was not stiff at all, and it had smaller pieces. Now I'm rethinking my strategy and end up buying a new flannel print to add to the mix. I go home and cut up all the fabric again in half. And here we are...

My quick project didn't turn out that way, but I think I will be happier with the outcome. I can't wait to get started.

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