Sunday, December 30, 2012

Drawstring Soccer Backpack

Here is the last bag that I have to share from the Freshly Handmade Christmas list. This drawstring backpack was made for my 8 yr. old nephew to carry his soccer gear. I found this tutorial from Noodlehead to get me started on basic construction, but then I made it my own to suit my nephew's needs.

This backpack measures 16" W x 18" H. I used black cotton twill for the top part of the bag and a basic cotton theme print on the bottom. The two outside pockets are made of black mesh and folded black elastic. The zippered pocket in the middle is good for carrying money or house keys.

The inside is lined with solid red quilting cotton, but I'd consider using a laminated cotton for carrying items that will get dirty. For the straps, I used 3/8" black lanyard cord.

Well, that is the last item I have to share from the handmade Christmas list even though I am still working on a couple late gifts. I wish I was better prepared to start the new year with a clean slate of projects, but I still have two days to finish them.


  1. oh gosh, that is so awesome!!! great job. :)

  2. I want to buy one!

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