Monday, September 10, 2012

Quilt Expo Recap

I am just getting back into the swing of things after an eventful four days. Last week, I attended Quilt Expo in Madison, WI for the first time. It was a huge event full of vendors, lectures and quilt shows.

I took full advantage of the lectures that were available to me. I learned something with each one that I attended and was able to meet some great people as well. 

(Pictures at the event were taken with my phone and are a little blurry.)

It was an honor to meet sewing icon and TV host, Nancy Zieman, who started Quilt Expo. I sat in on her lecture which gave the audience insight into 30 of her sewing and quilting tips and techniques.

She was engaging, light-hearted and funny during her presentation. What I liked most is that she said it is okay to break "the rules." In fact, she said the sky opened up when she started to break the rules herself.
There were a wide variety of art quilts on display and almost all of them were incredibly detailed. Many were so insanely intricate that it was hard for me to wrap my brain around how a person visualizes the end design when they begin. I admittedly have more simple taste in quilts, but to think of the amount of time these quilters put into their quilts was astonishing. I would never have the patience. You can see some of the winning show quilts here.

Below are a few of the quilts that I found a bit more in line with my style.

I liked the simple square design, the colorful patterns and the hand stitching on this one. The woman who made this quilt happened to be from my hometown.

The colorful diamond spiral design on this one caught my eye. I can see me making something similar using muted colors or scraps.

I thought this tie dye quilt was interesting and creative. It's pretty amazing how the tie dye pattern matches in all four squares. This one inspires me to do something similar with my kids.

And what would an expo be without lots of fabric shopping. I saw tons of fabric and loved every minute of it.

Here are some of my purchases.

A pretty assortment of lavender fat quarters. I usually don't buy purples, but as I was rummaging through the huge array of fabrics, I kept pulling out these lavender prints. I think they will make a lovely girls quilt.

This stack is made up of random fat quarters that I just couldn't put down. I'm such a sucker for polka dots - any size, any color.

I bought this bundle of Joel Dewberry fabrics because I purchased quite a large piece of the Chrysanthemum in Chrysanthemum print (2nd from top) a couple months ago at a closing sale. I was wondering what to do with it. Hopefully having some other prints from the collection will make it easier to use it. It's quite bold and different from my usual fabric choices, but I've decided to stretch myself. I like bright, but all that purple is new to me.

I've been eyeing up Moda's Cherry Christmas collection,  designed by Aneela Hoey, and found this charm pack to get me started on a holiday quilt.

My mom attended one day of the show with me and she too found herself unable to resist all the beautiful fabric. Here is her selection of fat quarters.

She wasn't sure she'd ever get around to actually making something with them, so I volunteered to get her started.

Needless to say, I think I have enough here to keep me busy for awhile.

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  1. Stacy - it was delightful to meet you following the Social Media for Quilters session at Quilt Expo and have a bit of a chat. I hope we run into each other again. This is a great blog post! I saw the Nancy Zieman presentation as well and was struck with her informal (and fun!) nature in the session. You had more luck shopping than I did (my budget and my stash shelves thank me for that). Tina Hatch