Sunday, August 12, 2012

Geometric Girls Baby Quilt

I purchased this Kokka fabric over three years ago when I knew I was having a baby girl. I absolutely fell in love with it and bought several yards. I knew this fabric would make the perfect keepsake quilt for my soon-to-be daughter.

I remember buying  another several yards of a pink and white tiny polka dot fabric to make a whole cloth quilt because I knew there was no way I was cutting up this insanely adorable and vintage-like nursery print.

But after having my daughter, time just slipped away from me and my vision of having her grow up from birth on with this keepsake quilt didn't happen.

Thankfully, I have the time now to get back to the projects that have been on hold for so long. Even though my daughter is no longer a baby, I still feel the need to create keepsakes for her and her brother. When I went to make that whole-cloth quilt, I felt like more creativity was in order.

I plan to design a quilt for her that is suitable for the age that she is now, one that coordinates with her existing bedroom. In the meantime, because I have quite a bit of this fabric, I was able to design a smaller baby quilt that showcases this special fabric.

I knew the backing would be made of the Kokka fabric, but I wanted to bring a fairly significant piece of it to the front as well to tie it together.

The finished size is about 37" x 40", perfect for a keepsake baby quilt or a stroller quilt.  Here are some of the details.

The quilt design for my daughter's quilt is still in the works. She's already expressed she wants this one, but she wants every quilt and blanket I make. I plan to publish the pattern for this quilt in the near future. It is so versatile and I feel like I could make 50 baby quilts with this design in different fabric schemes.

I soon will be posting a boy version from this quilt pattern.

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